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FotoFusion 5.5 + Key (crack)

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FotoFusion 5.5 + Key (crack)

FotoFusion - A program to build a composite image in a single unit of any size (the art of collage), from the simple to the wall of portraits album instead hulking huge image editors.Unique, stunning user interface allows you to do it much faster and makes tedious tasks with images in a real pleasure.

FotoFusion much.For example, to create interesting effects by using overlay and mixing your photos in interesting combinations with the background, or pretty frames, layers and patterns, interesting edging(You can, for example, create the effect of a honeycomb or facets of a diamond).What pleases: it has a ready-made templates for adding the effect in one click, as well as the ability to edit extended with the creation of their own effects, frames and other objects.Bridging the sharpness of images in the collection with a fine work with contrasts as it is easy, which generally allows you to work with blurred photographs, greatly improving their quality.It is also extremely simplified ability to create Web Albums optimized for paging on the gadget with a touchscreen, and just a browser for viewing.If something did not like, you can easily revert to an earlier version of your collage project, the benefit of competent work with the conduct of the project history allows (this option is in the Extreme-version).
FotoFusion 5.5 + Key (crack)

FotoFusion It can be regarded as a tool for home use as well as for design studios. The program works quickly and allows you to create photo projects of the highest quality.You can share finished collage to friends and family via email, and through its publication as a web album. You can also print ready materials.

Key features:
  • Autotool - Fully automated tool that allows a few clicks to create your own, beautiful collages and photo from the set of models (templates).
  • Projects - Step by step guide to creating a project through the use of templates and set print areas. Projects can be fully digital, or combine your photos from the scanner with digital output.
  • Laying out pages - Templates that will help you to print on a special paper size, such as cutting sheets album pages or labels, to create a high quality outcome for your projects on photographic paper.
  • Ornamentation - Decorative ornaments for digital and paper layouts, many of which can be customized and changed dynamically. For example, you can add a smart frame, crop photos, or add a multi-tag with the text.
  • Creating pages. Just add your photos and arrange them as you like, changing the position, the angle, size, etc.
  • Ready-made templates - A layout of albums containing photographs and samples of the order placement. These include the album in the style page, projects, family history, and professional templates, such as wedding cards, classical composite materials and wall portraits.
  • Kits additions - A diverse collection of additional items you can add and edit your looking, suitable for the creation of the album.

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
FotoFusion 5.5 + Key (crack)

FotoFusion 5.5 + Key (crack)

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