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ZoneAlarm Pro + crack (keygen)

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ZoneAlarm Pro + crack (keygen)

ZoneAlarm Pro - A well-known firewall designed to protect your computer from all sorts of threats when using the Internet and local networks.The program provides excellent protection on the basis of the firewall, including the possibility of completely disconnect all network and Internet activity. Firewall has flexible configuration rules, which can be configured individually or use the preset rules.

Filter Application (Access List), allows you to set permissions for access to the network for each program. There is a possibility of instantaneous automatic or manual blocking of access applications on the Internet.The program monitors incoming and outgoing mail, and can rename potentially dangerous attachments and place them in quarantine. Number of outgoing mail can be restricted to prevent mass mailings when infecting a computer, e-mail worms.

ZoneAlarm Pro also supports validation of digital signatures is a detailed log of events and has the means to analyze, with the subsequent issuance of textual and graphical information.The program features customizable control cookies, blocking the transfer of personal information about users to Web-sites. Function block banner ads and pop-ups can get rid of annoying advertising that is sensitive accelerates page loading speed.

Firewall triple protection:
- Goes beyond traditional PC firewalls to protect the entire PC from hackers, spyware and other Internet threats
- Blocks hackers, not giving them access to your computer
- Automatically makes your computer invisible on the Internet
- Counteract spyware, preventing them from sending personal information over the Internet Users
- Protects the program and the operating system from malicious software

Powerful AntiSpyware:
- Scans and removes thousands of spyware traces from your computer
- Automatically removes the most dangerous viruses and useless to the user spyware
- "Clean" legal software monitoring (for example, Cookies for Web sites, which are often used)

Service protection (SmartDefense Service):
- Provides PC users security updates in real time and new ways of protection from attacks
- SmartDefense Adviser automatically delivers new models of spyware and viruses on the PC user for a modern defense
- DefenseNet support security PC, constantly updating database of spyware and malware using the ZoneAlarm user community

Extended protection of personal data and privacy:
- Protects against theft of personal data and online backup
- Prevents the spread of personal user data from his computer without his consent
- Automatically stops pop ads

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

ZoneAlarm Pro + crack (keygen)

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