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Outpost Firewall Pro 7.5 (3720.574.1668) + crack (key)

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Outpost Firewall Pro 7.5 (3720.574.1668) + crack (key)

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro - A personal firewall that provides comprehensive protection on the Internet. The modern Internet requires a fundamentally new approach to security.A huge number of connections in real time, and therein lies the threat. Effective means of security should detect both known malware and new.New types of threats require new ways of protection.Outpost Firewall Pro provides the first line of defense against malicious software by proactively controlling how programs behave and interact on a personal computer and closing loopholes in the system of protection.Two-way firewall monitors incoming and outgoing connections on your computer and prevent unauthorized attempts of local and remote access.

You get:
• Advanced firewall for secure connections
• Anti-Spyware for a circular anti-spyware
• Local security to block unknown threats
• Web control to protect your computer against malicious and fraudulent websites, intrusive online advertising and other Internet threats

- Online Safety
Two-way firewall stops inappropriate or malicious access to your computer from both internal and external sources (from the local network and the Internet).It prevents malware from spreading, to collect and transmit data to a malicious server, providing protection against hackers, loss of personal data, unknown malware, and unauthorized program activity.
-Uprezhdayuschaya Threat Protection
Module Outpost "Local security" monitors how programs interact to protect your system from the latest security threats, and passes all known tests for leakage of data to prevent unauthorized transmission of information from your PC.
- Complete victory over spyware!
Eliminate spyware with a special mechanism for the protection Outpost. Regular updates Anti-Spyware and continuous monitoring ensure that malicious software can not activate and cause damage to your data or divert your applications.
- Safe surfing
Multifaceted module "Web Control" protects you from the "dark forces" of the Internet.It blocks access to websites that can infect your computer through hidden downloads, prevents the inadvertent disclosure of personal information, limits exposure to potentially unsafe websites and keeps your personal data.
- Bulletproof self-defense
Outpost can not be deactivated by targeted attacks, ensuring continuity of protection.
- Powerful and easy protection
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert in computer security, you can easily configure Outpost Firewall 2008 for their needs.Thanks to automated and context-sensitive help (entirely in Russian) program will help you find the correct answer to queries firewall, so you can focus on, and leave the security to Outpost!

Program features:
"Proactive protection from malware threats
"Self-protection program
"Spyware Protection
"Monitoring of incoming and outgoing connections on your computer
"Access Control Applications
"Protection against intrusion by the module" Attack Detection "
"Restricting access to unsafe sites
"Protection of personal data
"A clean, confident networking
"Tracking network activity
"Password protection, configuration
"Easily view event from the Event log
"Certification of drivers and compatibility with the latest Windows platforms
"Support for IPv6 network connections
"Adaptive firewall rules
"Entertainment mode for uninterrupted games and movies
"Auto-Learn Mode
"Automatic configuration Rules for most applications that need access to the Internet
"Service ImproveNet for easy setup
"Instant context sensitive help from Smart Advisor
"Automatic updates

Supported OS: Windows Vista / XP / Server 2003, 2008/2000 (SP3 or later) / Windows 7

Outpost Firewall Pro 7.5 (3720.574.1668) + crack (key)

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