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O & O DiskImage Professional 6.0 Build 422 + crack (keygen)

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O & O DiskImage Professional 6.0 Build 422 + crack (keygen)

Traditional backup systems ensure the safety of individual files and folders, but are not able to recover the operating system Windows PC in case of a serious malfunction. Create means of application O & O DiskImage hard disk image that contains all the information necessary for correct operation of the OS, will help solve this problem. O & O DiskImage It allows recording of images to CD or DVD. With these capabilities, users can create multiple copies of data that can be easily transferred to another computer. In the process of creating a backup O & O DiskImage It compresses the stored files, which ensures significant savings of disk space. For extra security, data encryption mechanisms can be used, including 128-bit and 256-bit algorithms AES, adopted as industry standards.

Main features of O & O DiskImage Professional:
  • Emergency CD, allows you to run the program without installing
  • Schedule of imaging data for the automatic start options
  • Incremental collection of images of any size of memory
  • Support for dynamic disks, GPT-Hard disks and RAID Systems (depending on operating system)
  • Ability to build in images as virtual drives
  • And many other features.

Images created with the help of O & O DiskImage Professional, can be of several types:
  • The first of them - "cast" used sectors of user-specified sections. The main advantage to the fullest extent is to save disk space and reduce backup time. At the same time all significant (not remote at the time of image creation) information will be saved.
  • The second option - an incremental image. Its essence is to record only the changes that have occurred since the last backup.This approach is very good in that case, when you need regular imaging. Thanks to him, not only reduces the volume of images and save time for their creation, but the user can access the different versions of the same files edited at different times.
  • When choosing a third type of images creates a full "cast" of a hard drive or its individual sections at the level of sectors.This variant is suitable for copying discs formatted in non-standard file systems. In addition, full backup lets you restore previously deleted information not only with the original (which is not always convenient and appropriate), but also from off his image.
  • And finally, the last available type of images is very similar to the previous one. However, it is created using high-speed low-level interface. This allows you to create images of encrypted and hidden files.

Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

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