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Universal Viewer Pro + crack (patch)

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Universal Viewer Pro + crack (patch)

Universal Viewer - A universal file viewer. It supports viewing many types of files: text, binary, Unicode, RTF, image, multimedia, Internet documents, and so on.d, with unlimited size ...To unlock the software for free use, open the dialog for entering the registration key, where as the user name, enter "Multilingual registration" (withoutthe quotation marks), and enter as the key small Russian letters the current day of the week. Overall, the program is similar to Total Commander Lister, but it has significant advantages over Lister.

Program features:
"Full support for Unicode
"Built-in functions of several popular plugins: images, multimedia, Web pages
"Support for multiple codepages: ANSI, OEM, KOI8, EBCDIC, ISO, Mac, and others.
"The toolbar, status bar, other interface improvements
"Auto-reloading of file on changing, tracking the end of the file
"Line numbers
"Display non-printing characters
"Hex mode and Unicode
"More modern RegEx search library
"Print Preview
»View EXIF-data

Additional features:
"Function" Navigation panel "and better support for folder plugins
"Line numbers
"The command" File - Rename "
"The command" File - Copy to Folder "
"The command" File - Move to Folder "
"The option" Show hidden files "
"Option" Resolve .lnk-files "

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

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