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AlphaPlugins Engraver III Plugin for Photoshop

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AlphaPlugins Engraver III Plugin for Photoshop

AlphaPlugins Engraver III - Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and many other compatible applications allowing to convert any photo into a spectacular stylized antique engraving with just a few mouse clicks.

Engraver III is a tool with which you can create stylized prints in just a few minutes!Experiment with a wide variety of geometric patterns and variations of lines, use several layers to create complex effects, change the color of the lines or add noise elementchance to make your engraving looked like the work done by hand. In the final processing can be selected as the background color of the paper and the texture and even add effects to simulate stamping.

AlphaPlugins Engraver III comes with a group of factory presets so that you can immerse yourself in the possibility of a plug, but you can experiment with any plug-in parameter settingsand once you find the perfect settings for your composition, Engraver III will allow to save these settings for the next masterpiece. Sami pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

• Prepare a realistic black and white or color prints.
• Create prints with alpha channels.
• Selection of different geometric shapes of shadows.
• Creation of a cliche for offset printing.

New in Engraver III
Faster processing:
• The plug AlphaPlugins Engraver III introduces a new image processing engine that produces high-quality images more quickly than in previous versions. The engine is powerful enough to work with large-scale images in high resolution.
Support for multi-layer image (new model):
• Save all the old geometric designs and added new ones.
Randomization features:
• Add random noise effects, small defects, which usually appear in the manual cutter manufacturing of prints or printing process.New features allow randomization add noise to the engraved lines, roughness change and continuity lines. All these drawbacks make your engraving more unique.
Intuitive user interface:
• Change the size of the preview window. Options are conveniently grouped by topic.
• Powerful new presets (grouped into subfolders for convenience).

What's New
Faster processing:
• The AlphaPlugins Engraver III plugin implements a new image-processing engine, which produces high quality images faster than previous versions.The rendering engine is powerful enough to let you work in a large preview size in high resolution with no effect on performance (important on Retina screens!).
Multilayer support:
• The new version introduces multilayer support, which allows you to create an engraving with intersecting patterns, simulating more realistic and complex crosshatching. You can also experiment with parameters that creatively affect and blend the layers, with the results all shown in real time.
New patterns:
• We've kept all the old geometric patterns and added even more in AlphaPlugins Engraver III, giving you a unique family of engraving effects not available in any other plugin.
Randomization features:
• Old-fashioned engravings had imperfections, made by the engraver's hands or by the printing process.The new randomization options let you add noise to the engraving lines, change line roughness, continuity and edges, or engraving line coverage of the image. All these imperfections make your engraving all the more unique.
Intuitive user interface:
• We've worked hard to make the user interface of AlphaPlugins Engraver III powerful and easy to understand. We've made the AlphaPlugins Engraver III window resizable, and the Preview pane scalable. Parameters are also conveniently grouped by themes.
Powerful presets:
• AlphaPlugins Engraver III's power starts with its large set of factory parameters (grouped in subfolders for convenience).You can quickly explore plugin possibilities and features, and tune up settings as you go. And again, when you create a special setting you want to use again, it's easy to save it!

System requirements:
• Windows ALL
• Adobe Photoshop CS2, .. CS6, CC214
• Corel PhotoPaint
• Corel Painter
• PaintShopPro
• Xara Picture Editor

AlphaPlugins Engraver III Plugin for Photoshop

AlphaPlugins Engraver III Plugin for Photoshop

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