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Adobe Flash Player Beta

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Adobe Flash Player Beta

"Adobe Flash Player — плагин, предназначенный для всех популярных браузеров - Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape и Opera, с помощью которого можно проигрывать Flash-ролики (файлы SWF), смотреть онлайн-видео и слушать онлайн-аудиофайлы. Только с этой надстройкой браузер способен корректно отображать веб-страницы и интерактивные веб-элементы, разработанные по технологии Flash. Данная технология широко используется для создания рекламных баннеров, анимации, игр, а также воспроизведения на веб-страницах видео- и аудиозаписей.

"Adobe Flash Player — это межплатформенная среда выполнения на основе браузера для доставки динамичных приложений, контента и видеоматериалов на различные экраны и браузеры. Среда Flash Player оптимизирована для создания высокоэффективных мобильных приложений и поддерживает оригинальные функциональные возможности устройств, обеспечивая удобство работы пользователей с созданными приложениями.

Изменения в версии 15 Beta
Stage3D “Standard” profile support for iOS and Android
In the Flash Runtime 14 release we introduced the Stage3D “Standard” profile which provided many advanced 3D features. At that time, the
“Standard” profile was only available on desktop platforms. In the AIR 15 release we are extending this coverage to mobile platforms. If a device supports OpenGL ES3, it can successfully request the “Standard” profile and use the same advanced features as the desktop platform.

Relaxing Stage3D Render Target Clear
In previous versions of Stage3D, after switching the render texture through Context3D::setRenderToTexture, you were required to clear it before
drawing. In this release, we're removing this limitation and optimizing the use of render textures. This change will allow you to further optimize and reuse depth and stencil buffers between different render textures.

Improved support for browser zoom levels - Windows 8
Flash Player now has improved support for browser zoom factors other than 100% on Internet Explorer on Windows 8.x. Devices, like the
Microsoft Surface tablets, default to a zoom level of 150%. In the past, this could cause problems with Flash Player and some 3D content. With
our new implementation, we can now scale the content and 3D buffers to keep everything aligned. In addition, Flash Player introduces an option to render to an increased Stage3D back buffer, rather than scaling, on browser zoom to keep the resolution of the rendered content high. This option allows to the stage3D buffer to change in size in synch with the change in the browser zoom factor. Developers are notified of this change with a new ZOOM_FACTOR_CHANGE event.

Flash Player Fullscreen Orientation Change - Windows
Flash Player will now detect and appropriately scale your content to fit best in a fullscreen display when your device orientation is changed. This
change is specific to Windows and is implemented across all browsers. We're focusing on providing the best tablet experience possible. A resize event will fire when in fullscreen mode and the device orientation changes. Developers, if your content does not resize, you will need to handle the resize event appropriately. Additional details will be made available in a separate blog post.

StageText.drawViewPortToBitmapData now supports Retina displays
Currently, AIR will allow a bitmap with the same width/height of the StageText object to be passed into drawViewPortToBitmapData. While fine
for standard resolution displays, this is not sufficient for Apple's Retina HiDPI displays. Based on customer feedback, we've altered
the drawViewPortToBitmapData method to accept a doubled size BitmapData with StageText's view port on a Mac Retina display, and then draw
a HiDPI image from the view port.

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