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Family Pro 10.1.9 + crack (patch)

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Family Pro 10.1.9 + crack (patch)

Sanuel Family 10 It provides you with a complete set of tools to manage their finances, regardless of whether you are driving the family budget, manage finances business or invests. Product Family Series 10 covers a wide range of tasks.

10 Family offers a unique reporting system on the market. The program itself contains about 30 wide variety of reports, including:
  • Comparison of income and expenditure for the month
  • Detailed text report on expenditure or revenue
  • Budget Analysis
  • Currency basket
  • Comparing revenues with expenses
  • List of debtors and others

C Family 10You can save any report on your computer or print it out and immediately analyze your financial picture has at any convenient location without overloading the sight reading with a computer monitor.

Among the tools for planning, at your disposal are:
  • Analysis and forecasting of cash flows
  • Planning for deposits and loans
  • Planning and forecasting of the budget

Furthermore, the program Family 10 following modules are included:
  • Accounting for assets (assets and liabilities)
  • Working with loans and credit cards
  • Web updates, financial news
  • Monthly report
  • Working with categories, the recipients and users
  • Tags
  • Debts

Changes in this version:
  • [Account] Do not updated stock quotes - fixed
  • [Categories] Edit categories mistakes renaming and Drag & Drop - Fixed
  • [Investment] Wrong calculation of "cost of buying" on drag.metally - fixed
  • [Flow] Accounting data streams in the construction - Fixed
  • [Usability] Error: "Input Error category!" - The transfer of funds between cash and non-cash accounts - fixed
  • [Account] Each deposit account you must enter the individual - corrected
  • [Categories] can not see the long search in the check - fixed
  • [Reports] Report 'balances at the date "displays incorrect amount - Fixed
  • [Setting] The inconvenience of administration expenses for the previous days - fixed
  • [Usability] When you add a new expense / income for the default is today's date - fixed
  • [Reports] Report "currency basket" takes into account the assets - fixed
  • [Investment] incorrect accounting shares, if the currency of the shares is different from the base - fixed
  • [Account] not taken into account when calculating the value of the currency shares - fixed
  • [Usability] backlight categories - fixed
  • [Usability] Why in the comment when transferring between accounts multi-line - fixed
  • [Usability] Do not output reports for hidden groups of payments - fixed
  • [Property] Do not updated gold courses - fixed
  • [Account] When importing from QIF file ignored comments to records - fixed
  • [Setting] Automatic updates - fixed
  • [Account] Scroll the list of categories and tags not working - Fixed
  • [Reports] expense report categories do not take into account the negative costs - fixed
  • [Usability] Add the ability to assign a tag to translate the dialogue of creating translation - fixed
  • [Flow] Bagh assignment tags translations - Fixed
  • [Account] Bagh entering 0 after the point - fixed
  • [Setting] Flies exception when importing a backup in 2009 with an empty string - Fixed
  • [Account] entered values ​​are reset when filling rate - fixed
  • [Usability] Bring enter numbers in all the calculators to a common approach - fixed
  • [Goals] Targets tab appears "Floating point division by zero" - fixed
  • [Account] Import from xls with incorrect structure - fixed

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

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