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ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition + crack

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ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition + crack

ABBYY FineReader - Smart Optical Character Recognition or OCR (from the English.Optical Character Recognition), which allows you to convert various types of documents (such as paper documents, PDF-files or texts pictures obtained with digitalCameras) in editable form, with the possibility of full-text search. The results can be edited in programs Microsoft® Office, save in different formats, send an e-mail or post them on the Internet.

ABBYY FineReader created in order to spare you the boring repetitive work.You do not need to format recognized text: the program is fully preserves the layout of the original document - illustrations, tables, lists, etc. The recognition result can be saved in different formats, send an e-mail or publish on the Internet.

Smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR *) ABBYY FineReader 11 fully preserves document formatting: illustrations, images, lists, and so on. d.The results can be edited in programs Microsoft® Office, save in different formats, send an e-mail or post them on the Internet.Just scan the text or take a picture of his digital camera - everything else ABBYY FineReader DIY. Just a couple of minutes you will be able to edit the document! * OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Key Features ABBYY Finereader 11:
• The accuracy of identification documents of poor quality;
• Save the document structure and formatting;
• universal method of obtaining images;
• Recognition of documents in 186 languages;
• Easy to use interface;
• a call from Microsoft Word and Excel;
• Create, backup and password protection PDF-files;
• Recognition of bar codes;
• Optimized for multi-core processors;
• ABBYY Screenshot Reader.

Wide range of graphics formats
ABBYY FineReader opens files of the following formats: PDF, BMP, PCX, DCX, JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, PNG.

Opening PDF-files
ABBYY FineReader provides and recognizes files in PDF.Creator of PDF-file can limit access to their files, such as password protect it, a ban on opening a file or extracting text and graphics. When you open these files, ABBYY FineReader will require a password to protect the copyright of the creator of the file.

Image processing
ABBYY FineReader allows you to pre-process images to improve recognition and to simplify further work with the document.The program includes such features as: clean up the image of garbage, remove distortions, to eliminate distortion of lines, invert the image, rotate or flip the image, crop the image, erase the image.

Determining the structure of the document
ABBYY FineReader is a revolutionary new approach to the recognition of documents.Now the document is analyzed and processed as a whole, rather than by page, which allows FineReader to understand such elements of its internal structure, as headers, footers, footnotes, captionspictures and diagrams, styles, fonts, etc. Elements of the original document recovered in the resulting document. For example, when saving in Word headers and footers, footnotes are reproduced as the corresponding objects in Word.

Excellent quality of recognition and preservation of the exact design
Optical Character Recognition ABBYY FineReader accurately recognizes and preserves the fullest extent the original design of any document (including text on a background image with colored text on a colored background with the text flow around images, etc.)

Recognition of multilingual documents
ABBYY FineReader recognizes documents on 179 languages, including Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech,Bashkir, Belarusian, Kazakh, Ukrainian. For 36 languages, provides spell checking. The text of the document can be made in two or more languages. The user can specify your language of recognition for each block of type "text" or for each table cell.

Intelligent recognition of PDF-documents
As you know, some PDF-files contain so-called text layer, and its contents may not fully comply with the document appears on the screen.FineReader first analyzes the content of the file and for each text block makes a decision: to recognize it or extract the text from a text layer. Thus, one can increase the recognition quality and reduce processing time.

Recognition of digital photographs of documents
Now for the recognition does not necessarily equip a computer scanner. ABBYY FineReader can recognize photographs of documents from a digital camera (it is recommended to use a digital camera with a resolution matrix 4 megapixel or higher).

There are many cases where it is more convenient to obtain images using a camera, rather than the scanner.For example, during a business meeting outside the office, with the recognition of signs or ads in the library, especially when working with thick or old books. Not to mention the fact that a digital camera works several times faster than any scanner.

Recognition screenshots
The scope of delivery system is included ABBYY Screenshot Reader. This simple and easy program designed to recognize text from any area of ​​the screen.ABBYY Screenshot Reader translates into an editable format such texts, which can not be copied in the usual way - the system messages, captions in Flash-rollers, etc. As the recognized text and a screenshot can be saved as a file or sent to the clipboard.

Barcode Recognition
ABBYY FineReader supports barcode recognition, including two-dimensional type of PDF-417.

Creating PDF-files, password-protected
ABBYY FineReader allows you to save the recognition results as a PDF-file, password-protected.The password can be set as opening a file, and the access to a document (print, extract content, the ability to edit, add comments, add / remove pages, etc.). You can choose the level of encryption PDF-file.

Creating PDF-files with tags
All PDF-files created using FineReader, optimized for publishing on the Internet. In addition, FineReader can now create PDF-documents with tags, for easy viewing on the screens of all sizes, in particular, on the screens of handheld computers.

User-friendly interface
Even people unfamiliar with ABBYY FineReader can easily get started and quickly get excellent results.Predefined scripts for handling documents and interactive tips will help cope with any task. At the same time, the program contains a wide range of options that will satisfy the most demanding professional users.

Automatic processing of documents
The process of identification documents often consists of one and the same set of operations.To save you time in the ABBYY FineReader describes some common scenarios, document processing, such as "scan - to identify - to save PDF».To run the script just press one button - everything else FineReader will automatically. In addition, ABBYY FineReader you can create your own, custom scripts. The wizard helps you quickly and easily configure FineReader to address those or other problems.

Call from Microsoft Word and Excel
You can call FineReader directly from Microsoft Word, Excel and paste recognized text "under the cursor" in a document already open or in a new document.

Integration with Windows Explorer
The recognition process can be started from the context menu of the file or drag the file from the Explorer window directly in FineReader.

Integration with mailers
The recognition process can be run from a letter with attached graphics or PDF-files. If the application several files, the program will offer to select the files you need.
ABBYY FineReader allows you to send an image or recognized text via e-mail as an attached file.

Tools for splitting images
You can split the image into several parts and save each of them as a separate page.Each of these pages can be processed separately, for example, they can be eliminated bias. This feature is especially useful in recognizing book spreads, business cards and transcripts of presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Multicolumn WYSIWYG-editor
Built-in WYSIWYG-editor ABBYY FineReader provides a maximally precise reproduction of all details of formatting and layout:columns of text, tables and pictures are displayed in the editor window exactly as they were on the original image. It's convenient: the quality of preservation of formatting, you can check immediately, without waiting for the export documents in Microsoft Word or a Web browser.

What's New in ABBYY FineReader 11:

Increasing the speed and accuracy of document recognition
• The processing of documents has increased by 20%
• The new black-and-white document processing faster up to 45% compared to the recognition of color images, which also saves up to 70% of hard disk space
• Enhanced Fast detection allows the speed detection gain up to 70% compared with the standard mode, the default. Mode is useful for applications in which the recognition accuracy is less important than speed.

Improved recognition and preservation of the structure of multi-page documents (Technology ADRT)
• Up to 25% improved recognition of tables and up to 15% - of pictures and graphs
• Added the restoration of vertical headers and footers
• Up to 70% improved detection of text in the margins
• Up to 40% improved detection of the header and footer

Creating e-books in popular formats fb2, ePub® and other for reading on handheld devices.
The program supports the preservation of e-book formats (fb2, ePub), and others., It will quickly make an electronic copy for - book-reader, tablet, smartphone and other handheld devices.E-books by using ABBYY FineReader 11, you can send directly from the application to the device user account Amazon® Kindle ™.

Support for new formats to save documents, including DjVu and Writer.
ABBYY FineReader 11 recognizes and converts images of documents and PDF-format files directly into Open Writer (ODT), accurately preserving the original formatting.Also, the product can save the results to a format DjVu, which is particularly popular with users, recognizing books and scientific papers.

Improved interface to increase productivity.
The new Style Editor helps edit documents directly in ABBYY FineReader. Users can browse all the styles used in the document, change them or merge.Changes are automatically applied to the entire document, eliminating the manual adjustment of the text. Test mode allows you to quickly recognize the result of errors in the text.

Separation package pages on different documents.
This tool is useful when scanning in a single stream of several documents.By dividing the package into separate pages of documents, you can improve the quality of treatment of each of them at the expense of a more precise development technology ADRT, and spread over time to work with differentdocuments. This feature is especially useful when processing large volumes of documents and dissimilar sets of scanning documents on an office MFP.

Improved recognition of photographs of documents.
Photos, documents, obtained by the camera or mobile camera devices are recognized more accurately, their original formatting preserved better.Also, expanded possibilities of adjusting for typical shooting gaps images, such as alignment lines on the folds facing pages of a book or correcting trapezoidal distortion.

New tools for image processing documents.
Now image editor includes a complete set of tools for image pre-processing documents. Users can adjust the brightness and contrast levels of intensity of light and shadow. Changes can be applied to individual pages, or all pages at once.

Improved work with the format of PDF.
The program has three predefined modes saved in the format PDF - high quality (maintaining the quality of the original image), the minimum (for archiving) or balanced mode(To be published on the Internet). The new version has improved compression technology (MRC), so the file size when saving to PDF is reduced to 5 times (compared with the version of ABBYY FineReader 10).

Support for 188 languages.
The new version adds support for Vietnamese and Turkmen (Latin). The total number of supported languages ​​is now 188, in 45 languages ​​and provides dictionary support that provides a high quality of detection.

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7

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