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PixelGenius Photokit Sharpener 2.0.3 + crack (plug-in for Adobe Photoshop)

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PixelGenius Photokit Sharpener 2.0.3 + crack (plug-in for Adobe Photoshop)

PhotoKit Sharpener - Making the optimum sharpness of the image from any source, for playback on any output device. Photokit Sharpener is designed to sharpen images.The plugin is not called from the menu Filter, as is customary in most similar software, and the section File (File) menu and Automate (Automation).The software product includes four menu items that cause the different ways of sharpening. However, the feature is not that the methods by which the image is processed, and the method of applying the proposed effects.

When applying any effect option creates a new layer, which contains two sub-elements. They represent the mask circuits applied in the shadows and highlights.You can paint with a brush in the upper layer, thereby depriving some regions sharpening. In addition, changing the transparency of the inner layers, you can adjust the balance of the sharpness in the shadows and highlights.

Standard modes of noise reduction based on the use of plot settings. You can optimize for different types of film.Under types, in this case, refers to non-specific product models and formats. Allowed reduction of grain 35mm film, as well as within the frame 4x5 and 6x6.Digital noise is described by the intensity and size of the grain. And finally, the ability to remove artifacts JPEG.Instead of entering the numeric values ​​sharpening also serves a selection of scene settings. They are based on the radius of the Patterns. The aggressiveness of the filter is ignored, since it is enough to change the opacity of the adjustment layer with a mask.

Scene filter settings are divided into Captive and Output. In the first case it is optimized for the processing of the images, for example, from the scanner.The emphasis is on restoring the lost parts during data conversion. The second group of options is intended to prepare the photos for a conclusion to the screen or printer.In addition, the list of options present a separate group Creative Sharpener. It contains various types of brushes, sharpen photos of local sites.The action of such filters back to the rest of the instruments, which allowed the removal of field with a brush. In a similar way, for example, it is convenient to allocate an eye on the large portrait photographs.

The plugin can be used as a separate action for batch processing of the material.

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Adobe Photoshop: CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 (x86 / x64)
...............................Elements 6.0 or later

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