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NewWeather Portable (Rus)

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NewWeather Portable (Rus)

NewWeather This widget with switching clocks and various graphics to display current weather conditions. It has an additional panel to display the forecast for five days, and replacement schedule for the day and night display weather. Distinguishes between perceived and projected temperatures.

Key features:
Accurate prediction for any settlement:
• Weather is available for almost all of the village - just enter the name of the Latin or Cyrillic and click "Search".To choose the interval of an updated forecast. Taking into account the humidity, wind, and other parameters, it is implemented "perceived" temperature, which may be either greater or less than anticipated.
• Panel to display the forecast for five days.
• If there is no Internet connection, the widget on their own switches to display only the hours and dates.
Night and day schedule
• Depending on the time of day, application changes the schedule of the current state of the weather on the night or day.

Customize the appearance of:
• Pick and choose display style - "Classic" or "Digital", regardless of the connection to the Internet - and the weather clock or only the clock, as well as one of several date formats.
Automatic check for software updates:
• On the new versions of Weather widgets you learn from the notice.
Low system requirements
• Takes no more than 5 MB of RAM, and "do not ship" CPU.

NewWeather Portable (Rus)

Released: 2014
OS: Windows Vista / 7/8
Interface: Multilingual
Activation: Not required
Size: 5 Mb

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