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Aura + Portable

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Aura + Portable

Aura - IT divine sounds devstvennogo day and nochnogo forest. Dostatochno single click on the icon to turn off or turn on vosproizvedenie."Control Panel", called by right-clicking on the icon allows you to adjust the activity of birds, cicadas, brook vodopada, rain, thunder, kostra, animals, flute, guitar, violin, cello, to appointavtomaticheskuyu change auras (at specified intervals or in accordance CO time of day), ask avtomatichesky programmy start when you turn on the PC, choose to automatically shutdown your computer at a specified time (for those who like to fall asleep to the sounds of the forest umirotvoryayuschie).

• Play real sounds of the forest;
• Control audio playback with a click of the "mouse" on the program icon in the system tray;
• Adjustment of the activity of birds, insects, animals;
• Assign your own folders with audio files for playback;
• Appointment of an automatic change of day and night sounds of the forest at specified intervals, or at a particular time, or in accordance with the actual time of day;
• Appointment silent or sounding automatically start when the computer program;
• Assign the start of the sound after the silent autostart or auto-silencing;
• Assign time automatic silencing or a quiet turning off the computer (for those who like to fall asleep to the sounds of the forest);
• Assign the alarm time and sound;
• Appointment of hourly sounds;
• Appointment system keys program management;
• Appointment of language management interface;
• Modular phased Internet upgrade to the full version - with similar spans of birds and insects, with the voices of animals, with the sounds of the creek, waterfalls, rain, thunder, fire, wind, flute, guitar, violin, cello.
• To identify the causes of possible problems you can run the installed program with the parameter debug. Then they will display an error message and the protocol will be carried out to a file debug.txt.

Included sounds:
• Hum day forest
• Cruise day inhabitants of the forest
• Rooks and crows in the afternoon forest
• Woodpeckers
• Grasshoppers
• Hum night forest
• Birds of the inhabitants of the forest at night
• Nightingales
• Beasts of the forest at night
• Cuckoo
• Close spans of birds
• Close spans insects
• Wind in the forest
• Stream and waterfall
• Rain
• Thunder (sound only with rain!)
• Fireplace
• Guitar
• Garmon
• Flute
• Hourly sounds
• Sounds for alarm

What's new in Aura
* Added the ability to adjust the range of the distance from the listener's sound objects;
* Button for manual start-up rain moved closer to the regulators of its parameters;
* Fixed incorrect display of the times of sunrise and sunset time zone with daylight saving time.

Aura + Portable

Aura + Portable

Version :
OC : Windows® All
Language iterfeysa : ML / Multilingual
Activation : Not required (Freeware)
Size : 115,6 Mb / 120,55 Mb

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