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Worldwide Telescope 5.1.09 Ml / Rus

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Worldwide Telescope 5.1.09 Ml / Rus

WorldWide Telescope (WWT) - A program that turns your computer into a virtual telescope.It integrates terabytes of image and related data collected by the largest ground-based observatories and space telescopes into one, allowing all who wish to access information about the solar system, Earth, galaxies, nebulae and other cosmic objects.

WorldWide Telescope users can view images taken at different wavelengths (visible, ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray range), zoom areasimages to track the position of space objects at different times and perform many other interesting and informative activities.
The main modes of WorldWide Telescope:

- Heaven. High quality pictures of a starry sky made by various terrestrial or space telescopes.The pictures are placed in the very same positions as in the "real sky" and linked together to create virtually seamless stellar sphere, on which moves the sun, planets and other cosmic objects.

- Earth. In this mode, the user WorldWide Telescope can see the 3D model of the Earth. Earth can be viewed in several modes: "From the air," "hybrid," "Streets" and "Land of the night."

- Planet. In "The Planets", users have the opportunity to view some 3D models of planets and their satellites.

- Panorama. In this mode, you can see a panorama gigapikselnye different objects of the solar system made at different times of the automatic self-propelled vehicles.

- Solar system. Mode allows you to view the most famous objects of the solar system from the Sun to Pluto and Jupiter's moons.All these objects may be considered as individually, or in groups, with preservation of their true position and phase. In this mode, it is also possible (further away from the solar system), to go beyond the Milky Way galaxy, and explore our side.

1. To work with the service WorldWide Telescope, you must install Microsoft .NET Framework and DirectX.
2. In order to ensure full functionality of the program is necessary to maintain a constant Internet connection.

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Worldwide Telescope 5.1.09 Ml / Rus

Operating system : Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Interface language : English Russian
Activation : Not required
Size : 103.03 Mb

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