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Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 Architect 21.0.17017.3725 + Rus

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Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 Architect 21.0.17017.3725 + Rus

RAD Studio XE7 - is native-development environment for applications working groups, which allows you to quickly create applications for PC, Android and of iOS, load them in the app stores and introduceorganizations. Create applications with a single code base without compromising on quality, connectivity and performance.Thanks to native-support of Android and iOS you can go to the world's largest application market for mobile devices. Full-featured native-applications for different devices.

Additional Information:
Developing in RAD Studio applications for different devices, you do not have to manage multiple separate projects to create a native-applications for each type of device (computers,tablet or smartphone) on different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows and OS X).RAD Studio simplifies the development of full-featured through mobile solutions and native-applications that do not use scripts that can achieve maximum performance and unleash the full potential of the devices on which they run.

Main features of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7:
• The fastest way to Windows 8. Windows 8 is already available and opens up new opportunities for developers.Whether you are looking tools for developing applications for Windows 8, which will be run on workstations and x86 tablet, or want to stylize your existing applications in accordance with the Windows 8 with RAD Studio XE7 it will be easy.
• Make a quick start with the project templates for Windows 8. Start developing applications for Windows it was not always easy.But you can easily start with one of the most popular project templates for Windows 8, including the following types: blank, grid and split pane. Your new application will include the fonts, colors, layout, gestures and full-screen mode, typical for Windows 8.
• Create applications with support for touch. Windows 8 is the next level in terms of support for touch applications.With RAD Studio you can add touch support to your applications with minimal effort for maximum comfort of PC users and tablet devices.
• Full line of Windows 8.IDE RAD Studio XE7 IDE fully tested for compatibility with Windows 8, and you're using the Delphi and C ++ Builder can create great applications that will workrunning Windows 8 on the PC and tablet devices based on the x86, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro and Windows Slate processors Intel, Intel Atom and AMD.
• Create applications .NET Windows 8 and WinRT with Embarcadero Prism. Embarcadero Prism XE7 in RAD Studio XE7 provides you with the fastest way to develop a Windows 8 WinRT via full.NET-solutions. If you need to create applications for Windows 8 that will run on all Win 8 tablets, you can do it with Prism.
• The simple styling of existing applications VCL and FireMonkey, in accordance with Windows 8.RAD Studio XE7 provides a simple and easy to adapt technology to your existing applications VCL and FireMonkey to Windows 8.It's really easy - stylized FireMonkey and VCL forms in accordance with Windows. Just right-click the "mouse" on the form and click «Convert to Metropolis UI» from the context menu.Properties form will automatically be set appropriately, and you have to choose which one to choose the style of Windows 8. Just correct size and location of existing controls - and the job is done.
• Support Live Tile. Create interactive applications with support for Live Tile. Using the component you want and some simple steps you can add more interactivity for users of Windows 8 Enterprise, and, therefore, more closely match their requirements.
• Platform Application Development FireMonkey FM2.FireMonkey continues to increase its capacity and improve productivity, and its new version - FM2, a platform for developing business applications using the new generationCPU / GPU. With it, developers can combine visual development techniques to the generation of high-performance "native" code to Windows, including Windows 8 and Mac OS X with a display Retina.

FireMonkey FM2 New features include:
"Anchors" and marking control
Support «Fat finger» technology for tablet users
Custom «Pixel perfect» Interfaces
Styling non-client area
Improved productivity and quality
New components FireMonkey
ActionLists and Actions will help you separate the business logic from the UI elements and improve the quality of your code in terms of re-use
Support Audio / Video, including playback control components
A new component of type «grid»

• Visual LiveBindings. LiveBindings is a technology linking the interface to users of the data.This powerful approach has become more affordable for use in the RAD Studio XE7 new service Visual LiveBindings. Now there is no need to write expressions or do manual coding. You can use most graphical diagram of connections and create new ones in visual mode.
• It is easier and faster if you do visually. LiveBindings Designer does allow easier and, more importantly, create a clearer connection between the elements of the user interface and data.Associate data and properties simply drawing lines between objects.You can bind the properties of the two elements of the interface for their approval, or to realize the connection between the data and controls, but in any case you will see options to properties and fields and the operation visually, ie without coding.
• View and manage contacts LiveBindings. Once you have created a connection LiveBindings, LiveBindings Designer can be used to control them.It is easy to get as a general diagram of connections and increase the individual sections for a detailed view.The LiveBindings Designer supports multiple layers, so you can organize the type of chart «Photoshop» with the ability to turn on / off layers, making them invisible to the filter as belonging to the various modules of the project.
• Rapid prototyping and the transition to a real project. Now, more than ever easy was the process of prototyping connections for displaying the data in your application.The component provides you PrototypeBindSource model data in various formats. When you're ready to start using real data, just switch the connection to your database, and nothing more is required.

New in RAD Studio XE7:
• Designer unified interface (Multi-Device Designer)
RAD Studio XE7 provides the ability to create on the basis of a single source code native applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android;
A revolutionary new way to build a single user interface, based on a visual form designer, adaptable to various types of devices, form factors and operating systems;
Develop once the user interface, and then view and adjust it for each type of device (mobile, tablet and desktop systems; iOS, Android, Windows and Mac);
Make changes in the main user interface, which spread to other device-specific user interfaces; fine-tuning specific form without affecting other forms;
Customize styles for each device as desired, use the inherited styles, if necessary;
Available set of standard templates for dimensions and layout for various popular mobile devices, tablets and desktops. You can also add your own templates;
Use only one instance of the form class allows the developer to create a single source file for all the major events of user interface controls.
• Behavioral Services FireMonkey
The new API is a service that allows the platform and the developer to request information about the device is running an application that dynamically adapts to the form factor and platform;
The position of elements of the user interface automatically adapts to each particular device (for example, the tab's position on a variety of mobile platforms).
• MultiView Component
A new component of the MultiView, a unique component in FireMonkey that uses the services of Conduct in order to dynamically switch the display, depending on the form factor and the desired behavior of the platform;
MultiView displays a menu on the phone in a drawer, and on the tablet as a popup or docked menu.
• Corporate mobile services (Enterprise Mobility Services)
Corporate mobile services - a key element of the platform for enterprise mobile applications (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform), based on the REST technology middleware stack,which includes the API hosting, distribution and access to SQL databases for servicing mobile clients, desktop and web-based applications;
Scalable, stateless REST-based data management on any of the intermediate levels of the software;
Creating a specialized API for your business functionality;
High-performance access to Oracle enterprise databases, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server Informix, SQL Server, and access to other functionality of mobile applications through middleware software;
Office mobile specialized API using REST / JSON using loadable modules;
Data access components in a layered architecture using standard REST / JSON;
Statistics of user experience, sessions and API calls, and generate reports using a web-based interface;
Service as a secure data storage on servers and mobile devices;
Quick access of your applications to enterprise API, databases and services on your servers or in private clouds;
Flexible licensing options for developers. Purchase license to distribute based on the number of users that have access to corporate mobile services (EMS).
• connecting piece using the App Tethering, REST and Bluetooth
With App Tethering, RAD Studio makes the process extremely easy to find and interact with other applications via LAN, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth;
Extend the functionality of existing VCL windows-applications using mobile applications or companion Bluetooth devices as simple as adding a pair of components in each application;
Use Bluetooth or Bluetooth technology to connect the LE with gadgets, such as medical sensors and hand-held devices to create unique customized solutions;
Use simple REST API to connect to any nearby devices and interact with them;
Bluetooth LE special components for operation with devices sensitive to power consumption.
• Library of parallel computing (Parallel Computing Library)
parallel computing library allows you to exponentially increase productivity by simplifying the writing of multi-threaded applications that take full advantage of multi-core processors;
It improves the performance of the existing VCL and FireMonkey applications using self-tuning thread pool;
Use System.Threading new module in your application, and you can perform:
In parallel for-loops
Scheduling tasks
Asynchronous problems
Combine multiple tasks in the flow
Easy integration for a substantial increase in productivity.
• IDE and development tools
New PAServer Manager allows you to run and manage multiple instances PAServer from the system tray Mac OS X (platform helper for developers for iOS and Mac OS X);
Improved support for the Subversion version control system, adds support for the Git version control system;
New integrated design a single interface;
The development environment supports the new Java classes in Android apk;
The integrated development environment brief guide to help you familiarize with the main capabilities RAD Studio;
New Java2Delphi utility to generate native bridge-files.
• Improvements in the RTL and VCL
New Library OmniXML to speed performance, particularly for mobile platforms and selecting a simple XML engine;
Improved low-level processing JSON;
Updated for iOS STL library and new library versions, Boost and Dinkumware for Win64;
Improved component to work with the task panel, which appeared in XE7, to support the drop-down menu in the Windows taskbar, together with the new VCL-component TJumpLists;
New encoding and decoding module for a web;
• Object Pascal language enhancements
Improved initialization of dynamic arrays;
The ability to mix and match the fixed and dynamic arrays;
Similar string operations on the dynamic arrays, including the '+' operator to concatenate arrays, Insert, and Delete;
With an array of designer, you can set the initial value of the global variable is a dynamic array;
Just optimized Generics (generics).
• Improvements to the database and FireDAC
Built IBLite database is now available in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS;
FireDAC supports field blob file and DBMS flows MSSQL;
Native support for timeouts API database commands;
Connection settings FireDAC now displayed in the Object Inspector (Object Inspector) as a record;
The improved Data Explorer now shows the primary keys and their fields, as well as foreign keys. Showing objects like sequences / generators;
Other improvements in FireDAC, including a new driver IBLite for desktop and mobile applications.
• Improvements in FireMonkey
TEdit and TCalendar components use a new approach in the process in iOS, you can choose to use the standard style or native representation;
Multi-monitor support for desktop platforms;
TBannerAd component supports API Google Mobile Ads by Google Play Services;
Full screen mode on Android KitKat;
Update content TListView using gesture 'pull-to-refresh' on iOS and Android.

NOTE! Architect edition is the most complete among the four (of 4 edition: Architect, Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional). The price for this edition ranges from 5000 to 44 000 evergreen dollars, depending on the number of users.

System requirements for RAD Studio XE7:
1 GB RAM (we recommend 2 GB +)
3-9 GB of free hard disk space depending on edition and configuration
Normal GPU with support for DirectX 9.0 or better (Pixel Shader Level 2)
Resolution 1024x768 or higher
Intel® Pentium® or compatible, at least 1.6 GHz (recommended 2GHz +)
Mouse or other pointing device
Operating system:
Microsoft® Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
Microsoft® Windows Vista ™ SP2 (32 and 64 bit), administrator rights are required
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 (32 and 64 bit)
For a 64-bit application development on Windows
PC with 64-bit version of Windows or a 32-bit version of the desktop computer connected to a PC with a 64-bit version

Checksums iso:
MD5: D8B965A773B844642D0936594E4F7B94
SHA-1: B91E6A94FF0DE39094C4B309960271CB998D4123

Operating system: Windows® Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1
Graduation Year: 2014
Language: English + Multi (crack from Tulnov)
Activation: Included
Size: 5.39 Gb

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 Architect 21.0.17017.3725 + Rus