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ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 (Russian)

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ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 (Russian)

The official Russian version!
ArchiCAD - лучшая из всех существующих на сегодняшний день программ для архитекторов, проектировщиков зданий и дизайнеров помещений.

ArchiCAD 18 - предоставит преимущества архитектурного проектирования в 3D-пространстве, и Вы получите наслаждение от невероятной свободы в работе. Основанная на глубоких знаниях архитектурного процесса, Информационная модель здания ArchiCAD полностью имитирует построение реальных зданий. При решении любых задач: от планирования городов и до проработанных деталей; от функциональных исследований и до сложных конструкций — специализированные инструменты ArchiCAD всегда доступны и просты в использовании, обеспечивая Вам полную свободу творчества.

In ArchiCAD, you will see created by 3D-models of buildings, on the basis that automatically generates all the necessary documents and images.The project takes on life and develops on the screen simultaneously with the work of your mind, you can focus on creativity.Building Information Modeling is the most natural and intuitive approach to design, and thanks to the clarity of 3D-representation of projects, customers will be impressed with your creativity.

ArchiCAD significantly changes the possibilities the average user, allowing you to use third-party BIM-components in their projects.In conjunction with the "cloud" database of the new modeling capabilities in ArchiCAD allows architects to create, search, upload and download new BIM-components for use in their projects.Fully integrated in ArchiCAD web portal is a single center BIM-sharing components between users. also provides a centralized location for the placement of all GDL objects, making them available to all users ArchiCAD, when they need it.The construction industry is constantly changing: every day there are new materials, designs, ideas and technologies.It can be said that the components of the building - this is one of the most rapidly developing areas in the BIM-building industry.Technology GDL, used in ArchiCAD, is a powerful professional tool for creating highly intelligent parametric elements.However, not all users are willing to create their GDL-objects.That he addressed the fundamental changes in ArchiCAD!Now, any user can not only simulate your object to the volume, but also to lay created by BIM-component into a single cloud-based database objects.For newly added facilities of a unique description by which other users through keywords can instantly find not only the object, but also dozens of similar.Then it remains only to pick up necessary for your BIM-project elements and upload them with the click of a mouse.Uniquely, all the described operations are carried out within ArchiCAD - software provides a complete set of tools to create, search, load and unload items directly from theObjects dialog! In addition, all made available from BIM-objects can be found on a dedicated web portal, is provided for self-ArchiCAD user community the necessary tools: comments, ratings, facilities, updates, etc. Thus, the new technology zagruzkivygruzki BIM-components and a new site - a unique centralized resource for the exchange of GDL-objects!

All modern buildings and projects must be environmentally friendly and energy efficient - this is our contribution to the future of the planet.We believe that the main decisions on environmental and energy efficiency of buildings must be made by architects still in the initial stages of the project, not engineers, when to make any changesmuch more difficult. In its programs the company GRAPHISOFT continues to develop "green" direction and implement tools for environmental analysis in the BIM-design environment.Built in ArchiCAD new functionality to analyze the energy efficiency (for example, analysis of the geometry of the building model through the zone boundaries, the analysis of the weather conditions, etc.) Is similar to the previously supplied independent software EcoDesigner ™, but now is based on a completely new technology that allows you to analyze patterns in dynamic mode using BIM-geometry, hourly weather data and information on the location of the building.

Energy analysis:
Preparation of the model to analyze the building
General rules for modeling
Working with zones
Review of the energy model
Displays a list of structures
Displays a list of openings
Visualization of the energy model of the building
Tincture of colors display
U-parameter calculator
Setting the thermal parameters
Material Catalog
Working with mogosloynymi designs and U-parameters
Reassigning U-parameter
Leak detection
The definition of surfaces
Setting the glass and frame structures
Adjusting shadows and shading objects
Setting up the environment: the location and climate
Setting up the environment: level the ground and the environment
Working with Profiles
Working with Organizational Structure building
Setting up source of energy and energy prices
Working with the "green" energy buildings

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 (64-bit)
Processor: 64-bit processor with 4 cores or more (for example, Intel Core i5 / i7)
Memory: It is recommended to use 8 GB or more. To work with complex models may require 16 GB or more.
Hard disk: for complete installation ArchiCAD requires 5 GB of free disk space. Additionally required 10 GB or more of disk space for each project.
Video: recommended video card that supports OpenGL 2.0 mode with video memory of 1024 MB or more.
Monitor: recommended to use a monitor that supports 1440x900 resolution or higher.
ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 (Russian)

ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 (Russian)

ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 (Russian)

ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 (Russian)

Date: 2014
Platform: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 (64-bit)
Interface: Multilingual
Activation: Присутствует Сrack
Size: 1.71 Gb

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