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Scanitto Pro 3.3 Final

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Scanitto Pro 3.3 Final

Scanitto Pro - это очень мощная но в тоже время легкая, быстрая и не перегруженная массой ненужных функций утилита для сканирования.

Точная настройка параметров сканирования, копирование документов в один клик и сохранение документов в многостраничные PDF и TIFF файлы - это именно то, что постоянно нужно под руками пользователя сканера!

Большинство приложений, которые поставляются в комплекте со сканерами, распространяются как демо-версии, в то время как их полные версии довольно дорогое удовольствие и в то же время переполнены огромным количеством ненужных функций, которые, скорее всего, не будут использоваться.Regular users rarely resort to modern color correction, non-standard paper sizes, and other newfangled features, while professionals simply do not buy cheap scannersapplications - each of them has its own requirements that are unlikely to be satisfied with standard solutions.If you have a scanner that you use for a limited range of tasks (copy, scan, simple texts and images) and are looking for easy-to-use and inexpensive means obliged to do the job well every day, you definitely should check out Scanitto Pro.

Scanitto Pro in all respects superior to its predecessor, Scanitto program, and significantly expanding its functionality, in addition to a variety of convenient features that will make yourdaily work even more, free and effective.Scanitto Pro supports virtually all existing TWAIN scanners, so you do not have to worry about compatibility, except if you have something extremely rare or exotic.If you have a printer, Scanitto Pro will help you to make a copy in a single click - just wait for it to scan the original and hand it to the print device.You can now select the area to scan, so you can forget about the further trimming images.If you have a huge document consisting of several pages, Scanitto Pro can save it to a multi-page PDF file, so you can easily digitize their manuscripts into one compact file.

-Simple And easy to use interface
Is a function of direct-printing a scanned images. Making copies
-Ability To save the scanned images in the following formats: bmp, jpeg, tiff, png, pdf, gif.
-Choose The desired resolution and color images
-Compatible With all TWAIN scanners.

Changes in version 3.3:
-Fixed A bug check the version in the window About the program
-Fixed A bug checking ADF presence
+ Added ability to delete the source files after saving to multi-page TIFF
Scanitto Pro 3.3 Final

Scanitto Pro 3.3 Final

Scanitto Pro 3.3 Final

Released: 2014
Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 3 / Server 2003 / Vista / 7/8/2008 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Interface language: Multilingual / Multilingual (English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Armenian, Latvian)
Tablet: Key
Size: 10,83 Mb

Download: Scanitto Pro 3.3 Final