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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium (x86 / x64)

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium (x86 / x64)

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 представляет собой интегрированный набор эффективных в работе инструментов, разработанных специально для разрешения большинства проблем, с которыми может столкнуться пользователь ПК.Its functionality covers all aspects of the life cycle of a computer to perform practically any operations with partitions to install the system from scratch and providing reliable data protection and safe disposal of hard drives.

Effective organization of data
• New> The fastest and safest on the market hard markup tools and virtual disks
• Update> Automatic partition alignment to improve the performance of physical and virtual disks **
• New> Merge / division of the existing partitions and redistribute free space
• Manage multiple operating systems on one hard drive
• Easy and quick creation of partition resizing and

The maximum level of protection
• Advanced backup to protect your computer, including the system, applications, user settings and all data
• Backing up your system and data on a user-defined schedule, without interrupting a PC
• Sectoral growth rates differentials and file, as well as new and exclusive file> sector complements allow you to have different versions of backups without duplicating
• Update> Support for asynchronous data transmission significantly reduces the time to back up
• Any media to store the backup, including secure hidden partition (Backup Capsule)

Reliable data recovery and system
• Full recovery disk contents in minutes
• Possibility to load the operating system installed after replacing the computer hardware
• Selective Restore to retrieve individual files and folders without restoring the entire archive
• Fix most system boot problems without the need for recovery
• Comprehensive recovery environments based on Linux / DOS and WinPE *

Easy data transfer to new hardware
• All kinds of migration operating system Windows: P2V, P2V Restore, V2P, V2V, P2P, migration of the OS on the SSD
• Transfer the system and data to a new drive larger capacity or to a virtual environment
• Support for the latest computer equipment, including solid-state drives SSD, AFD-drives with a sector size of 4K, and any other non-standard disks with a sector size (not 512B) drives over 2.2TB, and many others ..

Extensive data virtualization
• Creating a virtual copy of your computer
• Boot your system in a virtual environment
• Ability to work with virtual disks as if it were a physical disk
• New> Connecting a virtual disk "read only" to ensure the immutability of data on disk when copying or other operations with the virtual disk
• Support for popular virtual machines, including MS Virtual PC, VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, New> Oracle VirtualBox 4.x

Guaranteed mashing information
• Reliable rubbing confidential information, eliminating the possibility of subsequent recovery
• Update> 10 algorithms for data destruction, as a separate section, and on the whole disk

Supported computer interfaces
Parallel ATA (IDE) HDD
External SATA (eSATA) HDD
USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.x / 2.0 / 3.0
IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
Support for RAID (software or physical)
PC or PCMCIA Card (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)

Supported hard drives and removable media
Disk capacity of 2.2TB +
AFD (Advanced Format Drive)
Any drives with a sector size is not 512B
Solid state drives SSD (Solid State Drive)
HDD Hard Drives
DVD + R / RW
DVD +/- R (DL)

Supported file systems
NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1)
Linux Ext2FS
Linux Ext3FS
Linux Ext4FS
Linux Swap
Apple HFS +
Other file systems (in the mode of sector reading and writing)

Supported partitioning schemes
MBR (Master Boot Record)
GPT (GUID Partition Table)
Dynamic disks Microsoft (simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, RAID-5)

Что нового в Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium:
- Agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines (New!)
- File-level backup/restore for virtual containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK) (New!)
- Refactored P2V Restore Wizard (Update!)
- Paragon Recovery Media Builder 3.0 (New!)
- Revised Graphical User Interface (GUI) (New!)
- Wiping SSD (New!)

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium (x86 / x64)

Released: 2014
Platform: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home
Language: English
Activation: there is
Size: 131.4 Mb / 246.89 Mb

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