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Inv Softworks Kryptel 6.6.0 + Portable

Category: Software | Posted: 21/10/2015, 04:52 | Downloads: 894
Inv Softworks Kryptel 6.6.0 + Portable

Kryptel It provides reliable protection with the use of encryption and the ability to encrypt your files and folders with a single click.We all have personal data, and if your data need protecting, then Kryptel is what you need. Kryptel is an easy-to-use program with which even a novice can handle it. Do you want to encrypt a file? Just drag it to the shortcut Kryptel, and the program does the rest.

Kryptel It uses the latest encryption standard (NIST-Approved Advanced Encryption Standard), as well as some additional ciphers for advanced users.You can even use Kryptel Standard to scan your hard drive for certain types of files to encrypt them when they are there. In addition, Kryptel Standard app is so small that it can be run on a USB-stick protection "on the go".

Key features:
• Encryption of files and folders: right-click on the file and select 'Encrypt' - or drag the file to a shortcut Kryptel;
• Strong encryption: The program uses the latest encryption standards; Serious users will be able to use a few more reliable;
• Batch processing: select the files you want to encrypt, and thousands of files will be protected by a single mouse click;
• Encrypted backups: ideal for secure storage of data. Due to a serious protection, you will be able to store the backup files in any location - to record to DVD, stored in a remote location on the network or on a remote server;
• Suitable for all users: All that can be done with the mouse, you can also execute the command line;
• Reliable performance: Even if something happens to the computer during the encryption process, you will not lose and the bytes of data. And if an encrypted container is damaged due to equipment damage, Kryptel Data Recovery allows you to fully restore all the data.

What's new in Kryptel 6.6.0:
- New command 'Open / View All',
- Improvements in Browser and Shredder,
- Several major improvements for multi-user environments.
- Fixed shredder's occasional crashes.

Date of: 2014
Platform: Windows® All
Interface language: Multilanguage / Multilingual
Activation: Key
Size: 23.03 Mb

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