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ProgeCAD 2014 Professional + ISO

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ProgeCAD 2014 Professional + ISO

ProgeCAD - A new version of the powerful CAD system formats DWG and DXF.In addition to the basic functionality of the CAD, the program has additional features:complete image management, including polygonal trimming and printing; 3D modeling (ACIS); Improved visualization; The control unit with more than 10.000 ready-made blocks; import raster images; STB and CTB support printing files, and more.ProgeCAD became the next step IntelliCAD and can easily replace AutoCAD LT and AutoCad! The program is ideal for anyone who creates and uses CAD drawings, including teachers, students, designers, architects, drafters and engineers.

In addition to standard features available in AutoCAD LT, progeCAD users get a number of remarkable functions belonging exclusively to this program, which are aimed at optimized tooperation.Among the exclusive features of this program, users can evaluate the possibility of using the VB programmirovnaiya, VBA, C ++, and of Lisp, print to PDF and JPG, Convert PDF toDWG, Acis Solids - Solid Modeling (visualization and editing), the ALE Module to insert graphic symbols in the drawings, numbering over 10,000 electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and interior blocks, O2C export and not only.

DWG format, as the source of the program progeCAD format provides unparalleled compatibility with AutoCAD. Removing the need to convert files.progeCAD lets you export drawing files to any previous version of AutoCAD from version 2.5 and up to version AutoCAD 2008 both in DWG, and DXF formats.Since the drawings are initially created in DWG format, then use the data file in AutoCAD done without loss of essential information.Any user who is familiar with Autocad, can immediately start working with the program progeCAD without prior training courses and workshops. The program also provides a number of its exclusive tools to improve productivity when creating the project.

Program features:
"Fully compatible with AutoCAD format
"Print to PDF and JPG formats
"Built-in Printer Interface
"Integrated management of the print window in the style of AutoCAD
"Convert PDF files to DXF / DWG
"Improved tool" Layers "
"Printing 3D designs with hidden lines
"Masking object
"Georeferencing images
"Support for ECW
"Support of Jpeg 2000
"Import and export DWF files
"Export 3D models in o2c format
"Panning and zooming in real time
"Control line thickness when rendering and printing (STB and CTB)
"Module" Manager external links "
"Polar Tracking (Snap in polar coordinates)
"Object tracking (Etrack)
"Editing links (Refedit)
"Electronic transmission
"Photorealistic 3D rendering
"ACIS Solid Modeling
"The control unit and the symbol library
"Support systems edits and tagging
"The possibility of programming (AutoLISP, SDS, VBA)
"Loading External VBA files

progeCAD , Powered by IntelliCAD 7.x, is an AutoCAD® compatible 2D / 3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD® DWG files from AutoCAD® 2.5 through AutoCAD® 2014! The best solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usage.progeCAD is the first Alternative CAD opening 2014 DWG and compatible with Windows 8! progeCAD is the unique DWG CAD with the integrated 3D PDF Export!progeCAD's original format DWG ensures a complete compatibility with AutoCAD® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without loosing any critical information.progeCAD lets you export drawing files both in DWG and DXF drawing file format. progeCAD supports an interface complete with an "AutoCAD® - Like" icon menu and "AutoCAD® - Like" commands.progeCAD Professional is general-purpose 2D and 3D design software useful for CAD field & concept sketch. It offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD® and Direct Modeling in native .dwg.progeCAD is so much more than an alternative! progeCAD offers more CAD functions than AutoCAD® LT at a fractional price to AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD or Microstation.

2014 new features
DWG 2014 support
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP full compatibility
Hatch Trim
hatches can now be trimmed using the standard Trim command
Dynamic Blocks Editing
change Dynamic Blocks shapes using Grips
creation and editing. Table creation based on Blocks Attributes and from Excel
Publish (Batch Plot)
print (or export to PDF / DWF) selected drawing layouts
EasyArch 3D - see video - see 3D Tutorial
the new release of the Parametric Architectural tool working 3D
3D PDF - see video
Convert 3D drawings into rich interactive 3D PDF documents visible through free Adobe Reader
3D Print
STL export for 3D Printer output
Paste Special
insert Tables by Cut & Paste from Excel, Open Office, Libre Office
Multiline Styles
Create named styles for multilines to control the number of elements and the properties of each element.
createTables reading Blocks Attributes
.NET support
connection between .NET based software and progeCAD drawings

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Date: 2014
Platform: Windows All
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