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GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 Final (x64)

Category: Software | Posted: 22/10/2015, 2:03 | Downloads: 977
GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 18 Build 4020 Final (x64)

ArchiCAD - Is a powerful simulation application that allows architects to design buildings more effectively using the technology of Virtual Building.ArchiCAD allows architects to concentrate on designing, carrying out this work independently or in a team, while sharing data with consultants and experts inother fields. After downloading ArchiCAD 18, you will discover the advantages of architectural design in 3D-space and get pleasure from the incredible freedom to work.

In ArchiCAD, you will see created by 3D-models of buildings, on the basis that automatically generates all the necessary documents and images.The project takes on life and develops on the screen simultaneously with the work of your mind, you can focus on creativity.Building Information Modeling is the most natural and intuitive approach to design, and thanks to the clarity of 3D-representation of projects, customers will be impressed with your creativity.

• Familiarity with the instrument of morphine. In ArchiCAD, a new tool called «MORPH» (Morph) and intended for a free modeling.
• The components of the instrument of morphine. Objects created Morph tool, made up of three components: a node (vertex), the face and the surface.
• Creating a polygonal object morphine. The first method of constructing an object morpho - polygon. With it you can build a loop - in fact morpho-face.
• Creation of polygonal 3D-object morphine. Polygon object does not tied to a single plane - any node account may hold any position in the space, thus creating a spatial polygon.
• Creating a rectangular, arc and closed Morpho-elements. In general, there are four types of building Morpho-elements: "rectangle" and "rotated rectangle" to create straight elements, "the center and radius" and "point on the curve" to create curved elements.
• Creation of 3D-box of the Morpho-elements. The method of constructing Box creates a solid object. The first two points define the bottom of the box, and the third - height.
• Create rounded Morpho-elements. The third method of constructing - rounding. Constructed in three steps, with the first, it is necessary to set a profile.
• Selection of sub-elements. Each morph-element consists of sub-elements, which can be identified for further work. Select multiple sub-elements. With this you can select several sub-elements at once.
• Removal of sub-elements of morphine. At any time, a dedicated sub-element Morph can be removed by editing the way the structure morphs.
• Work with the edges and surfaces. At the same time to the existing morpho-element you can add a new geometry - granite, solid-surface or object.
• Setting the elevation of morphine. As with any other 3D object morphs you can set the elevation - this parameter is called base height.
• Display Morpho-elements in the plan. On the floor plan morpho-item is displayed as 3D projection - as well as the complex roof or shell.
• Setting coatings have morpho-element. In the Options dialog morpho-element, you can specify a base coating material, which is then applied to all faces of the object.
• Setting methods partition faces at the morpho-elements. Any face morpho-element has three modes of construction that affect the principles of the surfaces and their mapping.
• Change the texture of faces at the morpho-elements. The default method of applying texture to the morphs - boxed. However, the user can specify your method of applying for each face - up to the spherical overlay.
• Change the origin and direction at the morphological and texture element. For each face morpho-element, you can specify a start point spread texture and its angle of rotation.
• Moving the morpho-body. Any node morpho-element can freely move in space, thus changing the overall structure of the volume and being attached to the other nodes, the edges of objects.

New in version 18:
• Built-in visualization CineRender, created by MAXON Computer for CINEMA 4D - high quality photorealistic imaging continues to be the main waydemonstration of client ideas of the architect.Integration into the ArchiCAD 18 professional rendering engine CineRender, developed by MAXON for CINEMA 4D, making it accessible to more users.Quality visualizations created by the touch of a button, can compete with the results obtained by careful tuning huge number of parameters - it enables bothnovice and professional users to perform imaging without leaving loved BIM-applications.In addition, dynamic preview and support for background calculations make the process smooth and uninterrupted visualization.Full support for exporting files from ArchiCAD 18 CINEMA 4D allows users to reduce the time visualization with distributed computing technology, realized in CINEMA 4D.
• Built-in change management - data exchange with customers, experts and related sections of the design with the consent of an additional burden on architects,designers.ArchiCAD 18 monitors and automatically documents the changes in the model of the projected building, eliminating the possibility of any questions related to any adjustments to the project.Implemented in ArchiCAD 18 change management features fully integrated into the process of BIM-design and operates in 2D and in 3D-space.
• Improved data exchange based on PDF. The PDF format has become one of the worldwide standards used to transmit drawings and many other purposes.Realized in ArchiCAD 18 BIM-support information and the hierarchical structure of the data present in the files PDF, simplifies the process of interaction of participants of the design.
• OPEN BIM and working with IFC.In ArchiCAD 18 continues to improve the process of interaction of IFC-based occupational schemes appointment and management of data, as well as the functions of a high-quality certifiedexports. To increase the level of interaction between the design in ArchiCAD 18 is implemented full support for the format BCF.BIM Collaboration Format - this is an open file format that allows you to add text and image comments on elements IFC-model.Information BCF integrated directly into BIM-model using the Markup, making ArchiCAD one of the leading BIM-applications (including software model checking and application of constructive and engineering design) that support the format BCF.
• Integration GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud. The true potential of BIM is revealed in the organization of collective work on the same BIM-project.Thanks to full integration with the GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud®, ArchiCAD 18 provides unprecedented opportunities BIM-interaction, regardless of the number of participants in the design, their locationor the composition of project teams. Cloud technologies eliminate any restrictions for users of ArchiCAD.
• General workflow improvements.In addition to the brand new opportunities affecting different aspects of the design, in ArchiCAD 18 will significantly improve and some previously implemented features that once again demonstrates the care GRAPHISOFT to the wishes of users.

ArchiCAD significantly changes the possibilities the average user, allowing you to use third-party BIM-components in their projects.In conjunction with the "cloud" database of the new modeling capabilities in ArchiCAD allows architects to create, search, upload and download new BIM-components for use in their projects.Fully integrated in ArchiCAD web portal is a single center BIM-sharing components between users. also provides a centralized location for the placement of all GDL objects, making them available to all users ArchiCAD, when they need it.The construction industry is constantly changing: every day there are new materials, designs, ideas and technologies.It can be said that the components of the building - this is one of the most rapidly developing areas in the BIM-building industry.Technology GDL, used in ArchiCAD, is a powerful professional tool for creating highly intelligent parametric elements.However, not all users are willing to create their GDL-objects.That he addressed the fundamental changes in ArchiCAD!Now, any user can not only simulate your object to the volume, but also to lay created by BIM-component into a single cloud-based database objects.For newly added facilities of a unique description by which other users through keywords can instantly find not only the object, but also dozens of similar.Then it remains only to pick up necessary for your BIM-project elements and upload them with the click of a mouse.Uniquely, all the described operations are carried out within ArchiCAD - software provides a complete set of tools to create, search, load and unload items directly from theObjects dialog! In addition, all made available from BIM-objects can be found on a dedicated web portal, is provided for self-ArchiCAD user community the necessary tools: comments, ratings, facilities, updates, etc. Thus, the new technology zagruzkivygruzki BIM-components and a new site - a unique centralized resource for the exchange of GDL-objects!

All modern buildings and projects must be environmentally friendly and energy efficient - this is our contribution to the future of the planet.We believe that the main decisions on environmental and energy efficiency of buildings must be made by architects still in the initial stages of the project, not engineers, when to make any changesmuch more difficult. In its programs the company GRAPHISOFT continues to develop "green" direction and implement tools for environmental analysis in the BIM-design environment.Built in ArchiCAD new functionality to analyze the energy efficiency (for example, analysis of the geometry of the building model through the zone boundaries, the analysis of the weather conditions, etc.) Is similar to the previously supplied independent software EcoDesigner ™, but now is based on a completely new technology that allows you to analyze patterns in dynamic mode using BIM-geometry, hourly weather data and information on the location of the building.

Energy analysis:
• Preparation of the building model to the analysis of
• General rules for modeling
• Working with zones
• Overview of the energy model
• Displays a list of structures
• Displays a list of openings
• Visualization of the energy model of the building
• tincture colors display
• U-parameter calculator
• Adjust heat settings
• Product materials
• Work with mogosloynymi designs and U-parameters
• Reassigning U-parameter
• Leak detection
• Identify surfaces
• Setting up of glass and frame structures
• Adjusting shadows and shading objects
• Setting up the environment: the location and climate
• Setting up the environment: level the ground and the environment
• Working with Profiles
• Work with building stuktura
• Setting the source of energy and energy prices
• Working with the "green" energy buildings

System requirements:
• Operating System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 (64-bit)
• Processor: 64-bit processor with 4 cores or more (for example, Intel Core i5 / i7)
• Memory: It is recommended to use 8 GB or more. To work with complex models may require 16 GB or more.
• Hard disk: for complete installation ArchiCAD requires 5 GB of free disk space. Additionally required 10 GB or more of disk space for each project.
• Video: recommended video card that supports OpenGL 2.0 mode with video memory of 1024 MB or more.
• Monitor: recommended to use the monitor supports a resolution of 1440x900 or higher.

What's new in version 18 Build 4020:
• includes important improvements since the original release of ArchiCAD 18 (Build 3006).
• applies to ArchiCAD, BIM Server and all other components: BIMx, MEP Modeler and all GRAPHISOFT-distributed Add-Ons and Goodies.
• applies to all (Commercial, Educational and Trial) license types.

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