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PicPick 4.0.8 Business Edition + Portable

Category: Software | Posted: 22/10/2015, 2:10 | Downloads: 885
PicPick 4.0.8 Business Edition + Portable

PicPick Tools - The "all-in-one" convenient for developers, graphic designers and home users.The program has powerful tools for capturing, image editor, color selection, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, sight, slate, etc.You can use all these tools freely. The program also has a number of effects that can be used to edit images.

For all Windows (Full support for Windows 8)
Supports 28 languages
All functions are fully supported on two monitors.
There are no entries in the registry, there is no access to system folders
Screen Capture
The entire screen, active window, window element, window scrolling, selection, fixed region, random region, the previous elections
Support for auto-scroll on two monitors.
The output file (format BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF), the printer in office programs, external programs.
Output to FTP, Web, email, Facebook and Twitter are also supported
Saving formats:
Edit captured images
Intuitive user interface (tape style)
Standard drawing figures, arrows, lines, text, etc.
Blur, sharpness, color, contrast, brightness, rotate, flip, frame effects, etc.
Watermarking (logo image)
The choice of color and color
Colours of various types (RGB, HTML, C + +, Delphi)
Support changes in the style of Photoshop RGB / HSV.
The selection and preservation and your favorite color!
Screen ruler
Horizontal and vertical orientation
Different units (pixels, inches, centimeters)
Dots Per Inch (72, 96, 120, 300)
Colorful skins with support for gradient
Magnification: options from 2x to 10x
Screen Protractor
You have seen elsewhere function screen protractor?
Screen sight (crosshair)
To align objects, or graphics design applications
To calculate the relative coordinates on the screen
Slate (drawing with the mouse on the screen) ..

Changes in version 4.0.8
Improved copying and pasting of shapes
Fixed cursor issues of image editor
Fixed hint issues of Image editor
Language updates
Small known bugs were fixed

PicPick 4.0.8 Business Edition + Portable

PicPick 4.0.8 Business Edition + Portable

Graduation Year: 2015
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Language: Ml / Multilingual / English
License: there is
Size: 21,63 Mb

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