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Spoon Virtual Application Studio v11.8.258 + RUS

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Spoon Virtual Application Studio v11.8.258 + RUS

Spoon Studio (Previously - Xenocode Virtual Appliance Studio) designed for virtualization applications using a virtual container (one exe file) that does not require installation.Inside the container creates a virtual environment for files and registry. This software will allow you to convert Windows,.NET, Java, AIR, Flash, Shockwave, or other Windows-compatible application into independent virtual application (single executable * .exe file) that can be run without installing it on any user's computer.

• In contrast to the traditional methods of distributing applications, virtual applications do not require separate steps for installing external components, libraries and runtimes, reboots the computerand administrator privileges, and are completely isolated from other system applications.
• Virtual applications are isolated from other system applications, preventing DLL conflicts and other deployment nightmares.
• Inside the container creates a virtual environment for files and registry. And you will be able to run their programs from removable media, without having to install them on your computer. Studio 2011 App of the Year includes full support for running legacy applications on Windows 7.

What is a virtual appliance?
• A virtual application - an image of the virtual machine preconfigured with all files, registry data, components, settings, time, battery life and other addictions,required for a particular application. Virtual applications enable software developers and IT administrators to significantly reduce the cost and complexity associated with the development, installation, configuration, deployment and maintenance of software applications.
• For example, an application developer based on the Java or .NET Framework, can create a virtual application and combined with the application of engines required for their implementation. The end user can run an application immediately, even if he has not established the necessary engines.
• Because virtualized applications run in an isolated environment, you can run multiple applications at the same time, which would otherwise affect each other.For example, applications that rewrite DLL or system libraries require different versions can run simultaneously on a single host device.As an additional benefit, virtual applications may provide access to the internal virtualized copies of the privileged system resources, allowing an unprivilegedusers to directly execute many applications, without exception, safety or annoying Vista UAC prompts.

Using Spoon Studio:
• Creating a virtual application that can be transmitted through the Internet: allows you to install and run virtual applications from any desktop komppyutera with broadband internet access.
• Create an application as a single executable file that runs immediately: in one package all application files, registry settings, battery life, as well as the necessary components in a single executable file that runs immediately.
• Start using Java applications without Java and NET presets and / or NET
• Improve computer security: the launch and execution of your applications without granting administrator rights to end-users. Stabilizing by deploying applications in an isolated Spoon virtual environments.
• Elimination of the installation of third-party third-party components, COM / VB controllers, as well as such as Acrobat, Flash, Shockwave, etc. -. All directly within the application.
• Elimination of Vista UAC prompts on the compatibility error: Spoon virtual applications deployed, regardless of privileged access to system resources.
• Spoon virtual applications technology enables incompatible applications function properly in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.
• Deploy immediately on the USB drive: increase productivity of mobile workers by placing Spoon virtual applications on a USB flash drive. Running applications on a remote PC without any installation steps, administrative privileges, the driver units and so forth.
• A significant reduction in testing and raskhoov to support: eliminates version conflicts and dependencies "DLL Hell". It reduces the complexity of testing to eliminate queries that are associated with resource conflicts with the installation and operation of applications.
• Virtualization software that is impossible to do in the ThinApp. that, possibly due to being placed in the sandbox of a large number of files.

Quick guide:
• First, make a snapshot of the system (registry), then install the program (which hochtite make "portable", register it (activate), if you need to reboot, then again delaetesnimok system and the program makes the comparison shots, and after that is even easier -
• After completion of these actions, we just go to the folder (which preserved the project) and there all sorts of folders (Clean up the empty folders, extra!) And then run the saved "bat" - a file and go to the "bin" folder. Done!

Spoon Studio offers three ways to create and configure virtual applications:
• Application template (Application Templates) includes templates for popular applications that can be created and configured using a wizard step by step. This method is recommended for beginners Studio users.
• Install via application snapshot (Installing the application using the picture): snapshots record the state of the system before and after installation, Spoon Studio automatically configures the virtual application on the basis of the observed changes in the system.
• Manually configure an application (Application Manual setting): This method is most often used by software developers to proprietary virtualization applications.Manual configuration requires a high level of technical knowledge, but also allows maximum control over the configuration of virtual applications.
• All methods allow additional options and settings after you create the initial configuration of the virtual application.

On Windows Vista systems / 7/8 installer must be run with Administrator privileges (click the right mouse button on the installer file, select "Run from the context menuAdministrator "). Further, following the wizard's instructions, follow the program installation (default in the directory C: Program FilesSpoonStudio).If the program is installed in a different directory, then proceed with the installation of localization will not succeed until you are correct folder.Also, before you install VMware Workstation verifies the checksum of the main executable file - Studio.exe. This is done to prevent the installation of VMware Workstation on a different version of the program, and eliminate any errors in its work.

Spoon Virtual Application Studio v11.8.258 + RUS

Graduation Year : 2014
Operating system : Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
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