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Futuremark PCMark 8 2.2.282 Professional Edition

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Futuremark PCMark 8 2.2.282 Professional Edition

PCMark 8 - It is a simple and easy-to-use benchmark, so you can test the overall performance of the system and its individual components.The program interface is fairly clear and convenient. Total in the main window you will find four tabs. In the first, you can start testing.The second will be activated immediately after the start, it will display the progress of the task is completed. In the last two tabs, the user is encouraged to see the results of testing and help section.

The analysis PCMark 8 Check your computer's performance in games, when playing videos in high definition, as well as switching tabs in a web browser, for the last testInternet connection is required. The network connection also need to compare the results of their computer with others.

Analysis of the performance will take more than ten minutes, even if not the most top-end configuration.From the other editions of the program, PCMark 8 characterized precisely by the fact that the suit is not only to evaluate the performance of gaming PCs, but also for the "average" power machines.In addition to assessing performance, this solution will also check the system stability and overclocking potential to the individual components. In general, one of the best benchmarks, although quite "cumbersome".

Key features and functions of the program
• The program has a manager of off-line results;
• Create your own account on the official website PCMark open access to new and interesting features;
• The ability to compare the results of their computer with that of other users;
• The relatively low system requirements for the benchmark;
• Convenient, intuitive intuitive user interface.

7 tests included in PCMark, provide versatile evaluation of computer performance:
• PCMark assesses the overall performance of the system;
• Lightweight designed for entry-level computers and mobile platforms are not able to fully implement the common task;
• Entertainment offers the result of such tasks as media playback and gaming performance;
• Creativity evaluates your computer with images and video;
• Productivity shows how the system handles office tasks and Internet surfing;
• Computation measure computational performance components;
• Storage assesses the performance of data storage, including SSD and External Hard Drives.

PCMark provides the ability to compare the results of their computer, laptop or Wintel-tablet with thousands of other systems to determine its weaknesses and evaluate performance gains afterUpdates CPU, VGA card, memory, or hard disk.The test package meets the modern spirit of the times:PC infrastructure varies significantly, more and more are widely used solid-state drives, processors got integrated graphics, graphics cards perform calculations of totaldestination, rapidly growing market of netbooks and other low-power systems. PCMark provides a balanced assessment of performance on a wide range of computer hardware and in different scenarios, reflecting the benefits of new technologies.

The developers sought to provide users with objective information to enable them to make the right decision.If performance SSD sometimes dozens of times exceed indicators HDD, the overall increase in system performance will not be as significant.PCMark gives as a private evaluation of the components, and on the computer as a whole. In addition, Futuremark uses scripts using the equipment of the most popular applications for the results as soon as possible consistent with the actual conditions.

Total package PCMark 8 are six load scenarios: Home, Creative, Work, Storage, Applications Adobe Creative Suite and Applications Microsoft Office.

In each of these tests exhibited its integrated assessment (Score).About how integral estimates are calculated, we'll continue, but just want to warn you that we are doing this solely for the sake of completeness.Formulas for calculating the integral estimates, as the formula for calculating the results of individual tasks (workloads), at first, quite difficult to understand, and, secondly, are not special meaning.Therefore, before going on to a boring presentation, we will try to briefly tell what's inside PCMark test suite 8.

So, first of all, we note that the package PCMark 8 load all scripts, except Storage, based on real-world applications.Only test Storage, evaluates the performance of the storage subsystem, is synthetic.And if the load scenarios, Home, Creative Work and applications used for performance evaluation, written specifically for the PCMark test suite 8 (such as a text editor, editorimages and so on.? d.), the scenarios Applications Adobe Creative Suite and Applications Microsoft Office uses real and very common application.

If we exclude from consideration the test Storage, which, being synthetic, different from all others, the PCMark test suite 8 is arranged as follows.A total of 19 test uses a variety of tasks (workloads), such as Internet surfing, text editing, photo editing, and so on.? D.Combinations of these tasks is six load scenarios, where one and the same task can be included in different scenarios load. For example, the task of Photo Editing (photo editing) is included in the script load the Home and Creative.

For each of the 19 objectives in the package PCMark 8 calculated its own result. The result for each task can be expressed in fps (when it comes to games) or in seconds.And if the problem using a certain sequence of actions, the result is calculated as the geometric mean of the execution times of the individual steps of the task.If the result of a single step task is measured in seconds (for example, opening a document, while saving the document, and so on.? D.), Then it is he and is used in the formula for calculating.If we are talking about the animation, for which the result is expressed as fps, in the formula used to calculate the opposite result, which coincides with the dimension of time units.Next, using the results for the individual tasks, the results are calculated for each load scenario. There are formulas to calculate the even more awesome views. But the result is some dimensionless points, which can be used for the integrated assessment of performance.

The very same process of testing is recommended as follows:
• install the operating system and all necessary drivers and updates;
• install the packages Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office, if you intend to run the test Applications;
• install PCMark 8;
• to restart a computer;
• Wait 15 minutes until all background processes are completed;
• Test run PCMark 8.

It is understood that the described testing procedure is a recommendation.Its meaning is to ensure that as far as possible to minimize the number of applications that can run in the background along with the PCMark 8.For example, if the test computer has anti-virus, it is desirable to disable the test. And, of course, testing is best done on a "clean" operating system with a minimum of installed applications.

The program has received improvements for the following test modes:
• Home 3.0 expanded test for various photo editing tasks on the basis of the library ImageMagick. In addition, the test video conferencing is now using the updated library OpenCV 2.4.7 to identify persons.
• Creative 3.0 also uses ImageMagick and OpenCV 2.4.7, has got a test computer performance when working with video in 4K UHD (3840? 2160).
• Work 2.0 has received new benchmarks in the problems of the videoconference and processing tables using packet LibreOffice Calc.
• Storage 1.1 - the only mode that is compatible with previous versions of PCMark 8. For a specialist in the analysis of drive performance represented a special advanced test, available only in the Professional Edition and run from the command line.

New in Futuremark PCMark 8 version 2.2.282:
• Improved: SystemInfo module updated to 4.30 for improved hardware compatibility with X99 platforms.
• Fixed: Fixed Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 compatibility issue that prevented After Effects test from running.
• Professional Edition only: The command line application now checks software requirements only when needed. This enables you to run benchmarks on systems that do not meet all the requirements, for example, running the Storage benchmark on a virtualized system without DirectX 11 support.
• Professional Edition only: New command line-pass option can be used to set the number of benchmark passes. See command line guide for details.

Recommended system requirements
• OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8
• Processor Dual core processor
• Memory 2 GB
• Graphics DirectX 11 compatible
• Display 1920x1080 resolution
• Storage 30 GB free hard disk space

Futuremark PCMark 8 2.2.282 Professional Edition

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