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IP Video System Design Tool 7.0.797 + crack (patch)

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IP Video System Design Tool 7.0.797 + crack (patch)

Program IP Video System Design Tool It is used to design modern video surveillance systems. The program allows you to simulate the field of view camera angles and calculate the lens focal length and determine how well are distinguishable objects of observation.

In terms of facilities / areas highlighted areas of monitoring, detection, recognition and identification of people, taking into account the lens used, the maximum resolution cameras and their location inspace. In addition to traditional CCTV program supports modern IP network cameras, including megapixel cameras. The program allows you to quickly assess the requirements for network capacity and to calculate the amount of video archive.

  • Boost your surveillance system through optimal placement of cameras.
  • Justify using the results of 3D modeling, why it requires a number of cameras.
  • Pre show your customers that will result in the installation of CCTV and agree with them the expected result.
  • Save time and lower the risk of errors due to the rapid and intuitive calculation scopes, viewing angles and focal length of the lens cameras. It is better to design a system of CCTV properly than to remodel!
  • It is easy to pick up the necessary camera resolution and maximum angle for detection, recognition and identification of people.
  • Download floor plans, or map of the area for fast simulation system of video surveillance.
  • Increase the level of protection of the object - in advance found dead zone by using 2D and 3D modeling.
  • Quickly assess the need for network capacity with any number of IP cameras and video servers and pick the optimum recording speed and compression of video streams.
  • Instantly calculate the necessary size of the hard drive for storing video archives.
  • Create impressive design documents - obtained in the program tables, figures, and the results of three-dimensional modeling can be easily transferred to Word, Excel, OpenOffice, Visio and other office and CAD software such as Auto CAD.

When designing a video surveillance system is required to solve many complex problems and thus take into account the large number of interrelated factors.

In the design process, it is required to determine how many cameras require, where and how to place the camera field of view is required to determine and calculate the focal length of the lens.At the same time, increasing the angle of the camera reduces the resolution of the observed objects. Therefore, the designer has to seek a balance between the possibility of recognition / identification of people in the frame, the size of the view area and the number and type of cameras installed TSVN.

In this case no existing calculators lenses will not help determine the effectiveness of the use of megapixel cameras, and not allowed to see in advance what the result will be an image to see the system operator.

In addition to the calculations associated with the choice of lenses and camera location, the designer is required to calculate the amount of video archive, and in the case of IP cameras will also need to assess the load on the network.

This program is specifically designed for people who do not have time to solve the problem of trigonometry, study guides and tests put in place. In addition, this software is easy to use and at the same time has all the basic functions for the design of surveillance systems.

For any of these parameters setup program displays a simulated image from the television camera, and displays the drawing using different colors of the view area in which is possible to detect (green), pattern recognition (yellow) or identification (pink) human.

Software features:
  • The structure of the program includes a graphical modeling block viewing zone cameras, taking into account the height of installation of cameras and lenses calculator to calculate the focal length of the lens and the calculation resolution megapixel cameras.
  • Also included in this software includes a calculator IP cameras for network traffic assessment for the calculation of the video archive.
  • It supports the ability to download floor plans / maps in formats JPEG / BMP.
  • The user interface of this program is designed to meet the design so that the user can very easily understand how to calculate the resolution of cameras, how to calculate the focallength of the lens, how to calculate the angle the camera and how to choose the optimal placement of video cameras.
  • Calculator IP cameras allows to calculate the average size of the frame for such methods as the compression MJPEG (Motion JPEG) MPEG-4 and H.264, depending on the resolution of the camera, the degree of compression, recording rate in frames per second (FPS), and the activity of the scene.To calculate the volume of network traffic, and video archives, in addition to the compression parameters are taken into account parameters such as the number of cameras, the depth of the video archive in days and timetable of the motion detector. The results are displayed in the columns "Traffic Mb / s" and "volume, GB" in the "Traffic and disk capacity."
  • Software IP Video System Design Tool allows you to add arbitrary custom-definition camera, and configure the areas of monitoring, detection, recognition and identification.
  • Interface software translated into Russian, the metric system is maintained.

What's new in version 7.0:
  • Added realistic test objects.
  • It implemented a simple way to add doors and windows. To add a right-click on the button with the wall on the "Improvement Plan", and select a door, a window or doorway.You can specify the height (H) and the level of systems for doors and windows (L). To change the orientation of the door please choose the door click and drag the endpoints. You can also change the width of the door to the negative.
  • New types of test objects: VW Golf car, SUV, minivan, bus, Rotakin man with a table SKL, tree. The possibility to change the color of the added cars.
  • Supports the ability to load large substrates floor plans with a maximum resolution 10000h5000 points (Recommended Resolution: 2000h2000 points) even on computers with weak video cards when the maximum texture size video is smaller than the substrate.
  • Implemented copy and paste items in the floor plan using the keys: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-Ins, Shift-Ins.
  • Added support for bulk operations tab floor plan: identifying the group of objects, move, copy and delete
  • For versions Pro or Business: Implemented the ability to download custom 3D models in an open format Collada (file extension: * .dae). Thus it can be downloaded thousands of free 3D models from Google Sketchup program, or from Google 3D Warehouse.
  • For versions Pro or Business: The possibility of importing drawings in format AutoCAD (* .DWG / *. DXF).In this version of the drawings in the format of AutoCAD DWG / DXF when opening converted to bitmaps, cut into small pieces and loaded as a substrate.The maximum default resolution 10000x5000 pixels (Alt-F10 to change values). In future versions of the program will be implemented loading and processing of such drawings to vector that will increase the speed of working with such substrates.
  • Added new imaging camera zones.Now the program can highlight specific areas of a different color zones of the camera using such features as:face width in pixels, the number of pixels per meter (horizontal), recognition by standard EN50-132-7. Next to the window settings of individual types of zones is an image of a test person with the currently selected resolution.
  • In addition to the zones Monitoring, detection, recognition and identification, you can further customize zone "Guaranteed identification" and "Overview".
  • Added new columns in the table cameras "Width Dead Zone" and "The Dead Zone" (the distance from the camera to the end of the deadband)
  • Supports additional camera sensor sizes (1.25 ", 1.8", 35mm) and an additional aspect ratio 16:10, 3: 2, 1: 1, in addition to the standard 4: 3, 16: 9
  • Supported by the "captain mode" - a way to secure the camera on its side with an aspect ratio of 3: 4, 9:16, itp
  • Support of input dimensions of objects from the keyboard. You can enter the length of the walls, block size, the width of doors and windows.Just select an object and start typing the size "10 x 20 ENTER" for a rectangle measuring 10 x 20. You can specify a unit of measurement feet or meters. For example: 10.5, 10,5, 10m, 10ft, 10'5 ", 10.5 '
  • Changed the limitations of the trial version: Now your users who have only the demo version of the program will be able to open your project files * .jvsg in "read-only".
  • Scroll floor plans: In addition to scrolling by using the middle mouse button, added an additional way scrolling: You can press Alt + clicking with the left mouse button to scroll through the floor plans (click and drag).
  • Supports JPEG2000 in calculating the size of the video archive.

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

Free IP Video System Design Tool 7.0.797 + patch (Multilingual Version) - [29.6 Mb]